Tygra Group Enterprise Application

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UK Based TYGRA Group provides a range of property related services to clients around the country. They had a key requirement to streamline the internal quotation request process, via delivery of an Enterprise grade mobile Solution.

Creation Application’s solution was to simplify and streamline this process by building an application (iOS & Android), which held all the services provided by Tygra. The solution allows users to select which service is required, enter specific data. Once submitted the data is securely generated into a PDF and sent back to Tygra. The solution also allows users to add multiple quotation requests, which makes it very user friendly to track the requests being made.

Key features include:

Interactive UI which represents each service

Selection of pre-defined options for each service

Addition of realtime photos

Auto PDF generation from user defined data

Submission of quotation request with duplicated copies & secure document transfer

Build for iOS & Android and deployed via their respective App Stores

This enterprise solution allows TYGRA Group to save a considerable amount of time and also increase customer satisfaction significantly.

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