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Spirax Sarco are the leading global provider of high quality products for the control and efficient use of steam and other industrial fluids.   Having a huge workforce covering 37 companies globally, they approached Creation Application about creating an enterprise application to help their steam engineers on the go.Spirax wanted the ability for their engineers to perform key calculations at the touch of a button, and most importantly allow them to access the information without the need for an Internet or data connection.  A list of the key requirements included:
  • Access to up to date Steam Tables
  • Access to Saturated steam pipe sizing
  • Ability to view all information offline, without internet or data connection
  • Steam engineering tutorials
  • Comprehensive product literature catalogue
  • Support for multiple languages to allow international staff and clients to access data
  • Temperature displays in degrees centigrade and Fahrenheit
  • Default output units – metric and imperial
  • Input and output data available in bar g, a, Kpa g & abs and psi g & a
  • Access to their international website and social media outlets
For their steam engineers, the solution offers quick access to vitally important data, something that was previously offered by a cumbersome catalogue, which proved very time consuming for staff to look up the relevant info.  The ability for engineers to quickly do calculations and accurately see what pipe sizing is required has again more than halved the time spent on these mundane tasks allowing for a huge increase in productivity within the team.The solution we built provided Spirax with a beautiful user interface design, and offline access for their steam engineers.  It is a leading enterprise solution for a leading global company.
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