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The Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts is delighted to announce the launch of their new PQA application: PQA I Academy, created by Creation Application. A fun and exciting new application built for children and young people with a passion in the performing arts. The Pauline Quirke Academy is a part time performing arts school for children and young people aged 4-18 years and the app has been built with our students in mind so they can develop and practice their skills out of PQA hours. Using the latest technology the app offers fun and educational features such as video tutorials in breakdancing and special effects make up, right down to a tool which enables the user to discover their vocal range.

If you love PQA, or are keen to discover your inner performer, this is the app for you!

The PQA IAcademy application allows performers to rehearse and hone their performance and film making skills. App features include:

- Masterclass Tips: Masterclass video tutorials in Breakdancing, Puppetry, Magic, Clowning and Special Affects Make Up.

- ‘Pitch Me’: This feature enables the users to test their pitch against piano notes. The user sings a note into their iphone, their voice is recorded then played back and dial on the screen will show if the user has sang too high, too low or a right on pitch.

- ‘Scene Generator’: Creates random and exciting scenarios for the user to improvise along with friends.

- ‘Capture scene’: The camera devise allows the user to take images and create short films. A variety of editing and style options are available. The user is then able to store their media in ‘My Gallery’

- ‘Tips and Tools’:

- Tips include audition tips, acting tips and film making tips from industry professionals.

- Find my range: This feature enables the user to identify their vocal range by following exercises in different singing ranges.

- Audition song selection: Once the user has identified their vocal rang. The user is ready to find their perfect audition song. The user selects their range, selects a style and then a selection of song choices will populate.

We hope you enjoy our new PQA Application. Be yourself, be amazing!

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