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Welcome to Jumble Zoo!

Jumble Zoo contains a bumper banana pack and is completely advert free for the ultimate Jumble Zoo Experience!

Ever seen a monkey mixed with a giraffe in the savannah? Have you been to the jungle and seen a furry penguin-lion from memory? No?

Prepare to be amazed! Jumble Zoo offers hundreds of furry animal mixes where you have the job of guessing which animals have crossed together before the time runs out. Cute animal pictures, furry jumbles.. Basically your own mini zoo online.

Jumble Zoo is the world’s first hybrid animal picture guessing game in which a selection of the planet’s craziest, cutest and rarest animals have been jumbled! The question is... Can you identify all the animals, from jungle to savannah to win enough of Dave the monkey’s bananas within the Jumble time?

• Super challenging animal mix picture guessing game featuring over 300 jungle animals in over 340 unusual images that will test your memory. The best funny animal game out there.

• Beat the clock and identify the mixed up animals while using bonuses for harder mixes

• Meet the game guide Dave, the infamous furry monkey who took his own selfie! .. He likes to call this his monkey game!

• Share your favourite Jumbles with friends to earn bonuses and in game bananas.

• The best animal game out there. Try it out and you’ll be hooked within minutes.

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