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Happy App is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Donald cox and John Fagan. They approached us having pulled together an idea for an app, which would allow bars and restaurants to advertise deals, which customers who are in the local vicinity could take advantage of.As a user of Happy App, you are able to view the different offers through the use of different coloured pins, which is all picked up through the use of Geo Location technology as it will pin point exactly where you are in the world and show you the latest offers at that point in time based on your exact location.The solution we built for them gives them an extensive backend CMS portal which allows them to sign bars and restaurants up to the platform and manage their offers centrally, this is all displayed in the front end app for users to enjoy.The app has rolled out in over ten countries since it’s launch and more are planned for 2016 onwards. It’s gathered quite a following and the user base is growing exponentially along with more and more bars/restaurants signing up.
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