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ye-Sign is the new and exciting way to communicate using sign language. You don’t need to know how to sign. Simply start a new conversation and either type or speak into your smartphone and Eye-Sign will display a series of video clips to translate what you have said into sign language.

Available now with both British and American Sign Language databases. Once the conversation is finished you can have the conversation signed (if your device has a stylus then the signature can be handwritten) and then the whole conversation can be exported to a PDF file for printing.

Eye Sign is a ground breaking application that creates a bridge of communication between the deaf community and other users. It is an application, which is able to turn words into signs and allow deaf users who are un-able to lip read to be involved in the conversation.

Eye Sign currently holds a database of two major sign languages (American Sign Language & British Sign Language), which has more than 350 signs on each of them and is continuing to grow. The solution itself is massively complex allowing admin users to record and deposit new sign videos which are converted into animated Gifs. The app matches spoken or written words with the video database in real time and plays them smoothly.

We also create a custom made API for sign language (American sign language & British sign language) that potentially allows third parties developers to access & use video signs in their own applications.

key features:

  • Conversion of the voice into video signing in real time
  • Updating signs via a secure backend database
  • Saves the conversation in a PDF format and allows for signature
  • Notifies users when new phrases have been added
  • Bespoke Video Sign language API

Eye Sign is a revolutionary application that will enhance communications, be used for legal purposes and pave the pathway to a hassle free communication for the deaf community.

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